(Aqua Bioregulator for enhancing yield and quality of aquatic creatures)

  • Yield boosting by enhancing growth and development.

  • Prevention against stress due to extreme weather conditions. Imparting resistance against parasites and diseases.

  • Balancing inadequate feed.

  • Regulation of Hormonal Activities.

  • It regulates nutrients uptake in aquatic floras and faunas.

  • It plays a diverse role in various plant and fish metabolic processes.

  • It is formulated with all amine (NH2) nitrogen, a form the aquatic plants can use with maximum efficiency.

  • It helps for growth and development of FISHES, PRAWNS and other aquatic creatures.

Composition :

Aquamate contains N, K, Ca, Zn and Growth Hormones.

Recomended For :

All kinds of AQUA FARMING.

Recomended Dose :

Aquamate : 400 ml/AC 2-4 times during active AQUA FARMING period.

* We also have Green Liquid Zinc for Aquaculture