(Pure sea weed extract – a foliar Y2K concept )

GHOM helps plantation to stimulate the biochemical and physiological changes in the plant at all stages of growth for better uptake of nutrients from soil.

It helps in photosynthesis & synthesis action of the plant hormone ethylene. GHOM is store house of Calpha-atom. It contains Hydrophobic (water repellent) non polar amino acids; It is also Store house of Polar but unchanged aminos along with basic amino acids.

It is a store house of phyto hormones obtained by Enzyme Hydrolysis. It enhances plant development, colour and vigour.

It is a non-toxic organic storehouse of over 60 naturally occuring major and minor nutrient and amino acids. These active ingredients include trace minerals such as boron, molybdenum, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Silicon, Cobalt as well as chelating and complexing agents such as alginic acid and mannitol.

Research on plant growth has confirmed that plants assimilate essential micro nutrients more readily when they are applied directly as a foliar feed than where applied through the soil in an in organic form. GHOM is applied as a foliar feed, root dip or seed inoculant.


Application of GHOM gives plant benefits from the naturally balanced nutrients and growth promoting substances.

All plants require a balanced nutrition of trace elements in addition to NPK to grow, flourish and mature. GHOM is one of the ideal source which can compensate for micro-nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

GHOM has got naturally occuring chelating agents which help release the previously unavailable nutrients and other substances from the soil for the plant to use.


(Concentrated Liquid Humic Acid Formulation)

Active Ingredient: Humic & related acid 12% for Foliar and Soil Application.

Benefits From Humicel
  • It supplements Humic and related acids to plants or soils.

  • It acts as a growth stimulant by chelating major and minor nutrients.

  • In the absence of chelates in the soil Humicel acts as Chelating Agent.

  • It acts as Catalyst conditions in the soils..

  • It serves as an Osmoticum and drought.

Effects on Soil
  • It stimulates soil Microbial activity such as Azotobactor and Rhizobium.

  • It increases water holding capacity and buffering properties of soil.

  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological environment of soil.

  • It reduces soil erosion.

  • It helps in forming excellent growing conditions for roots & shoots.

  • It increases soil aeration.

  • It helps in elongation and overall development of root system.

  • It encourages to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers to root zones.

  • It enhances root respiration and development of root hairs.

  • It conserve moisture in both root and shoot and helps maintain turgidity.

Recommended Dose Time of Application

Dosage :

0.5 L/Ha.

Time of Application :
  • Following each soil application of Macronutrients.

  • lncorporate with each foliar nutrient program.

Direction for use
  • It can be applied to almost all agricultural crops and trees.

  • It is compatible with all most all conventional chemicals.

  • Harmful if swallowed.

  • Avoid breathing spray mist.


(Contains 80-85% Humic Acid with pH of 9-10)

  • Very rich in Humic acid.

  • Physically modify the structure of the soil & change the fixation properties of the soil.

  • Biologically stimulate the plant & the activities of micro-organisms.

  • Enhance natural resistance against disease & pest.

  • Stimulate plant growth, increasing the rate of development in root systems & increasing the yield of dry matter.

  • Increase the quality of yields, improve their physical appearance & ploughed furrow fertilization.


RECOMMENDATION RATE Urea 50% Humisoil mix 50% urea bottom fertilizers 500gm/acre


2gm per nursery sleeve in 2.5 kg.compost.


(5 in 1: Action Bio Regulator)

  • Yield boosting by enhancing shoot growth and vigorous root growth.

  • Prevention against drought & stress. Imparting resistance against Pests & Diseases.

  • Balancing against biased & imbalanced fertilization, sustaining in Waterlogged condition.

Nutrizymeregulates nutrients uptake in plants and supresses Ethylene build up and balance the hormonal activity. Nutrizymeplays a diverse role in various plant Metabolic processes like :


2gm per nursery sleeve in 2.5 kg.compost.

  • Activation of Enzymes & apical bud developoment.

  • Photosynthesis & chlorophyll development.

  • Regulation of respiration, transpiration & water economy.

  • Formulation of cell-membrane & closing of Stomata.

It is formulated with all Amine (NH2) Nitrogen, a form the plant can use with maximum efficiency.

It acts in yield boosting, better protein synthesis and neutralising acids in plants.


(Protein Hydrolysate)

  • Protects plants under stress

  • Protects from pests

It is a fine, free flowing creamy white color, sprays dried powder, containing Amino acids, short-chained Peptides derived from high quality biological origin proteins sources by controlled hydrolysis.Protein Hydrolysate Powder is a mixture of various essential amino acids, & short-chained peptides required for the normal growth of plant & animals.

If there is a deficiency of nitrogen in the soil due to poor nitrification or if the conditions of stress are present such as drought, frost, Pest attack it makes the process difficult causing serious prejudicial effect on the yield. This can be alleviated by applying Amino Acids directly to cells i.e. through foliar spraying. Protein Hydrolysate Powder (Organic Amino Acid Mixture) is available in powder as well as liquid form Amino acid base Micro nutrient Chelates, & other plant growth promoter (PGR) formulations as an organic source of nitrogen