Established in 1994, Gassin Pierre is one of the leading names operating in the field of Secondary and Micronutrient Crop Nutrition and Crop Protection in India. A provider of a wide range of foliar fertilizers, today Gassin Pierre is one of the most preferred choices for farmers and cultivators.
Our aim is to utilize our knowledge and expertise gathered from the years of experience in the industry for the benefit of farm cultivators, enabling them to produce quality resources that support a health ecological and biological production system. We are aware that Farming is a biological process and not a chemical process and hence we always strive to implement 'BNP' – Balanced Nutrition Programme.
At every step of our operations we ensure that we do not compromise on our standards of excellence, ultimately adhering to the company's objective of contributing towards securing an eco-friendly world around us thereby attaining Total Quality Management.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Development of Organic farming technique
  • Control of misuse of pesticide & harmful chemicals
  • Production of good quality rich harvest as a clean product

Gassin Pierre fosters a healthy working environment that culminates speed, quality, teamwork, dedication and growing partnerships. Our wealth of diversified talents forms a major force behind our journey towards attaining results of the highest order.


Our focus on Innovation is reflected in our product strategy. With our diverse range of products in different crop areas, we are sure to address the needs for both prevention and growth.