(Trichoderma viride )

Antagonistic fungus for the control of plant diseases
  • Trichoderma is an effective bio-control against seed and soil borne diseases.

  • Trichoderma is effective against Rhizoctonia solani, Pythyium sp., Macrophomina phaseoling, Sclerotina sp. etc.

  • Trichoderma forms a natural protective barrier around root zone against pathogen entry.

Root Rot Symptoms
  • Roots decay completely and turn black.

  • Black sclerotia seen on the head tissue.

  • Bark of the roots show shredding .

  • On the stem, minute black structure are produced.

  • Plant dies.

  • Through soil, compatible with bio fertilisers.

  • Pathogen survives in soil for many years.


(Trichoderma harsianum)

Tricho-H is a biological fungicide. The technical name is Trichoderma harzianum. A naturally occurring mycopathogenic fungus that infects and limits the growth ofplant pathogenic fungi. These formulations are specifically manufactured to enhance the mycocidal activity and biological stability of the conidia.The formulation helps to control the root, Rhizome, Stem, foot and collar rot, wilt and damping off diseases caused by phytopathogenic fungi to crop plants.

Recommended Crops :
  • Sugarcane, Pulses, Oilseeds, Cotton, Vegetables, Banana, Coconut, Oil palm, Chillies, Lime, Coffee & Tea, Areca nut & Rubber, Flower crops, Spices, & Condiments etc., all Vegetable crops and Horticultural crops.


(Pseudomonas fluorescens)

PSEUDO is a biological fungicide. The technical name is Pseudomonas fluorescens, a naturally occurring mycopathogenic bacterial antagonist that infects and limits the growth of plant pathogenic fungi.

The formulation helps to control leaf, bud, rhizome and root rot, wilt, Blast, Sheath blight, Stem bleeding, Soya bean Pustule, Citrus, canker etc. Pseudomonas available naturally in soil. These organisms are not harmful to the crop but inhibit the growth of other disease causing fungi.

Recommended Crops -

Banana,Cardamom,Pepper,Ginger,Rubber,Vanilla,Coconut,Groundnut,PaddyPulses,Turmeric,Tomato and other vegetable crops etc.


(Bacillus subtilis)

Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium that is used as a fungicide. The bacterium colonizes the developing root system of the plant and thus competes with certain fungal disease organisms.

The formulation helps to prevents Damping off, Powdery mildew, Sour rot, Downy mildew, early leaf spot, early blight, late blight, bacterial spot, and walnut blight diseases.and controls root pathogens such as Alternaria, Aspergillius, Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

Benefits -
  • It is effective bio-control agent against seed and soil borne disease.

  • It effective against Rhizoctonia solani ,Phythium Sp,Macrophomina phaseolina,SclerotinaSp,etc

  • The bacteria also act as a biostimulant that enhances the establishment and the development of root system.

Recommended Crops -

Pulses, Oil seeds, Sugarcane, Millets, Coconut, Cotton, Banana, Cardamom, Coffee, Rubber,Tea,Vanilla and all Vegetable crops and Horticultural crops.


(Bacillus thuringiensis)

BT is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide.B.thuringiensis also occurs naturally in the gut of caterpillars of various types of moths and butterflies, as well on leaf surfaces, aquatic environments, animal feces, insect-rich environments, and flour mills and grain-storage facilities.

Target pests:

Cabbage looper, Diamondback moth, Gypsy moth, tentcaterpillars, Tomato / tobaccohornworm, Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera.

Recommended Crops:

BT is used in protecting crops such as cauliflower, cotton, tobacco, soyabean, sugarcane, sugar beat, eggplant, red gram, bengal gram, banana, tomato, chilly, potato, citrus, onion, groundnut, peas, sunflower, coffee, tea, ginger, turmeric, pepper.


(Beauveria bassina)

Beauveria bassina is a biological Insecticide. Beauveria bassina is a naturally occurring entamopathogenic fungi, which causes disease known as the white muscadine disease in insects.

Mode of action:-

When the spores of fungus come of the fungus come in contact with the cuticle(skin) of the susceptible insects, they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle into the inner body of the host. The fungus profilerates throughout the body, producing toxins and draining the insects of nutrients eventually killing it.

Target Pests:-

White flies, Weevils, aphids, Thrips, Termites,Leaf Hopper,Colorado Potato Beetles,corn borer,Stem borer and codling moth,mealy bugs and mites etc.


Most of the Crops including Cotton, Paddy, Tomato, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Ginger, Soyabeans, Green house crops and Horticultural & Agricultural crops.


(Bacterial biofertilizer)

Azospirillum, a bacterial biofertilizer is highly beneficial for rice & other cereals, millets, sugarcane, cotton, sesamum, sunflower and other Agricultural & Horticultural crops.

  • Increases grain yield.

  • Azospirillum assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in soil and helps to save N (nitrogen) fertilizer.

  • Azospirillum secretes phytohormones in the plant root region to facilitate quicker and vigorous growth of root and shoot.


In transplanted crops, Azospirillum is inoculated through seed, seeding root dip and soil application in nursery and main field.

In direct sown crops, Azospirillum is applied through seed treatment and soil application.