(93% Vegetable Oil based & 7% NP 9)

Nutrastick is a sticker cum adjuvant with a pH of 3.8-5.6 (acidic range). Since it is in the acidic range it will not undergo alkaline hydrolysis hence it will help pesticides to retain and penetrate more.

This acts as a Humectant. which can resist the drying time of spray droplet even after the aqueous solution has evaporated . So very effective for all contact pesticides/acaricides.

Longer retention on leaves as it is a blend of oil & surfactant which makes it a better penetrant & slowing the rate of drying means more time for absorption.

Vegetable oils falls in category of penetrants as they can improve cuticular penetration by softening, dissolving cuticular waxes also allowing herbicides to penetrate in hydrophilic regions underneath.

It falls in 7- 9 range of neutral moles, so good for systemic insecticide. Since it is already in the range of 1-7 it is automatically suitable for contact insecticide. So it will spread and penetrate on the leaf.


(Compatibility agent/Emulsifier)

Compact is an anionic compatibility agent designed  to increase the ability for fertilizers to form a stable  emulsion with pesticides.

  • Designed for Pesticide/liquid emulsions.

  • Makes high N and high P solutions more compatible with various pesticides.

  • Can be used as an acidifier.

  • Can be used as either a preventative or as a possible solution to re-liquify an already mixed incompatible solution.



(Superior 99% active spreader)

Compact is an anionic compatibility agent designed to increase the ability for fertilizers to form a stable emulsion with pesticides.

  • Formulated of organisilicone surfactant and non-ionic surfactant.

  • Provides for both fast and thorought wetting and spreading over plant surfaces and the penetration of crop protection materials through the waxy leaf cuticle and stems.

  • Recommended for use with pesticides, herbicides, desiccants and defoliants which call for a non-ionic spreader.

Non-Ion Buffer

(A combination spreader and buffer)

  • It is designed to increase wetting and give more uniform coverage for agricultural chemical sprays while providing a low pH solution to reduce the effects of alkaline hydrolysis of the pesticide sprays.

  • It is a 40% active formulation of high quality surfactants and phosphoric acid. The phosphates derived from the phosphoric acid provide a valuable foliar nutrient to the crops.

  • It contains non-foaming ingredients which allow for safe handling and filling of spray tanks.

  • When used with systemic or translocated sprays. Non-Ion Buffer increases the absorption and translocation of certain insecticides, herbicides and miticides.


(90% spreader-activator)

  • A fast acting, high quality, 90% spreader-activator which has been shown to significantly improve the performance of a wide variety of pesticides.

  • Provides quick wetting, absorption and it aids in assimilation and translocation of crop protection chemicals.

  • Comprised of high quality non-ionic surfactant and isopropyl alcohol. IPA is a component of many spray adjuvants. It is added to non-ionic surfactants to increase their water solubility and allow mixtures of pesticides and surfactants to be immediately and completely solubilised.

  • Can be used in weed control programs on ditchbanks. Ask for the supplemental label information for this purpose.

  • It is non-flammable and low-foaming for safe mixing and application.

  • Economical to use, requiring just ounces per 100 gallon spray tank.


(Spray Drift Reducer)

  • Reduces drift in winds upto 10 mph.

  • Keep sprays on intended targets and not on roads, school yards, neighbouring crops.

  • Polyacrylamide silicone formulation.

  • High quality formula increases droplet size, thereby reducing distance spray can drift.

  • Compalible with wide range of products.

  • Low use rates mix readily with pesticides.



  • Elong has outstanding properties offer growers the highest degree of spray protection while still assuring coverage, deposition and protection of spray materials.

  • It is a true chemical product and has been shown to give superior performance over latex and resin-based stickers in several important ways.

  • It has been shown to provide superior rain fastness when compared to other stickers.

  • It does not form a sticky, elastic film which can coat spray tanks, lines, hoses and other parts of the spray units. This means less time spent to clean out the tank and spray equipment. Remember, clean spray equipment means less chance of contamination of the next crop that's treated with the same equipment.

  • Growers will be convinced that ELONG has features and benefits which make it a superior adjuvant to resin-based and latex stickers. Please call GPPL for more information about Elong Spreader-Sticker-Protectant.


(Agricultural anti-foam agent)

Defoam is a 10% pure Silicone solution which prevents and reduces foaming in emulsions wettable powders and water based systems.

It prevents and reduces foam in the spray tank and keeps the mix in the tank, not over the top or onto the ground in the mixing area.

Defoam is a 10% pure Silicone solution which prevents and reduces foaming in emulsions wettable powders and water based systems.

Added at the beginning of the tank mixing process, Defoam spreads evenly on the surface,coating the bubble particles and eliminating the foam.


(Blend of paraffinic petroleum oil)

It is a combination of surfactants and a proprietary blend of paraffinic petroleum oil designed for use with agricultural chemical spray programs to optimize product performance by increasing penetration into the leaf surface, giving more uniform wetting and more uniform distribution of the active material. Provides improved retention of pesticide deposits under adverse weather conditions.

USAGE: Use 1 to 4 pints of Para-Emul per acre in combination with the recommended defoliant or desiccant.

Insecticides & Fungicides: Use 1/2 to 2 pints of Para-Emul per 100 gallons of spray solution in combination with the recommended fungicide.

Herbicides: Use 1 to 4 pints of Para-Emul per acre in combination with the recommended herbicide.


(Water soluble foaming agent)

It produces a highly visible and highly stable foam source.

  • It is electrolyte and temperature stable. It produces a dense foam of sufficient longevity under normal conditions which helps the applicator eliminate costly gaps and sometimes harmful overlaps that can occur during application of pesticides and fertilizers.

  • It is a formulation of 100% modified alkylsulfonate and alcohol. It is comprised of anionionic and non-ionic surfactants.

  • It is a clear, viscous liquid which is odourless and water soluble.

  • It is biodegradable and compatible with a wide range of water and temperature conditions.