(Protein-boron complex)

It provides an excellent 'S'nutrient supplement for plants. Sulfur is the 4th most important plant nutrient in Natural form.

  • It is an excellent nutritional composition which is non-phytotoxic and compatible with all insecticides,fungicides and foliar nutrients.

  • It encourages the bushes to put forth new leaves faster and fastens the rehabilitation process.Generally Helopeltis infested bushes take 4-6 weeks time to come in full flush. Revive will do it in 2-3 weeks.

  • It is also recommended for revival post water logging, and to recover the damage new shoots.

  • It is to be sprayed in bushes to recover from Drought in post drought condition.

Dosage :

500ml/ha- 2 round at 20 days apart depending on infestation of water.


(Protein+cytokinin based)

Speciality : Stress control
  • Diseases

  • Drought

  • Wounds

  • Waterlogging

  • Animal Trespass

  • Hail & Frost Damage

  • Mechanical Damage

  • Immediate – 1 lt-1.5 lt/Ha

  • Severe Stress – 1 lt/Ha; 15 days (Repeat)

Other Salient Features
  • Help during

    • Extreme Weather Conditions.

    • Climatic Damage

  • Provide balancing Hormones

  • Nutritional Replenishment & No phytotoxic effect.