(Azadirachtin Neem Formulation 50000ppm)

Serves as effective
  • Repellent, Antifeedent

  • Toxicant,Insect Growth

  • Inhibitor,Antiovipositional,Deterrent

Help in controlling




Helopeltis,Jassids,Scale Insects.


Shoot Borer

Fruit Bore

Salient Features
  • Formulation from Neem seed kernel.

  • Azadirachtin 50000 PPM,

  • REDUCES/Controls Pests by Eco-friendly approach.

Dosage :


100-250ml/ha for mites& 250ml./ha for Heliopolis

As cocktail:

100ml.with Insecticides.

150ml with Sulfur.(MICROSUL)


(Azadirachtin Technical)

It is yellowish powder that contains 15% to 25% Azadirachtin.

Azadirachtin Technical or generally Neem Extract is most potent tetranotriterpenoid isolated from neem seed. It is yellowish powder that contains Azadirachtin(A & B) and its isomers that are key active component of Neem and possesses powerful insecticidal properties.

As a pesticide :-
  • It is most potent insect repellent, antifeedant and an insect growth regulator.

  • It affects more than 300 species of insects.

  • Insects can't develop resistance for Azadirachtin.

  • Pesticides containing Azadirachtin are versatile; bio-degradable; leaves no residue hence safe for environment.

  • It provides a broad- spectrum pest control for fruits, vegetables and plantation crops, greenhouses, turf, outdoor ornamentals and agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, cotton and tea.


It acts as a broad spectrum biopesticide controlling a large number of insect including caterpillars, beetles, whiteflies, leafhoppers, aphids, mites, thrips, borer, mealy bug, leaf folders and many more.


It is stable at cool temperature in the absence of water & light. It is found to be stable in some organic solvents for at least twelve months under ambient conditions.

  • Crop pest control formulations.

  • Veterinary pest control products.

  • Textile protection formulations.

  • Household pest control formulations.


(Botanical oil extracted from kernel of neem tree seed)

Uses of Neem Oil:

For Agriculture Use:

Neem Oil is used to manufacture neem oil insecticide because it contains azadirachtin which effects over 600 species of pests including insects, nematodes, fungi and viruses and is completely safe to non target organisms like beneficial predators, honey bees, pollinators, fish, birds, cattle and human beings. Azadirachtin of neem oil is a famous natural Anti-feedent, growth regulator and ovi-positional repellent for insects, as a major active ingredient which make it a perfect alternative to chemical pesticides.

Neem Oil is used as Veterinary Medicines for Pets and Live Stock from ancient time. Neem Oil is used in various diseases, precautions, accidental condition, hygiene and wounds as an ingredient of medicines or alone.

Neem Oil is available from 1500 to 4500 ppm azadirachtin depending on requirement. Neem oil is cold pressed and extracted from quality neem seeds without heat, chemicals and petrochemicals thus retain all nutrients and active ingredients.

Our Neem Oil is manufactured and tested with safe limit of Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 which are carcinogenic and toxic. Neem oil is also free from heavy metals.


Neem oil is high quality pure neem oil extracted by cold pressed method, so it can be used in almost all applications such as Crop Protection Products (Agriculture), Protective Emollient.


(Neem based manure)


Neem, Karanj, Mustard cake and Caffine Free Tea Waste.

Permitted Dose:

Nitrogen 5%, Phosphorus 2%, Potassium 2%,OrganicCarbon:Nitrogen=15:1.

Organic Compound:

50% to 70%, Vermi Compost 10%

Neemure Serves as an Efficient
  • Repellent

  • Antifeedent

  • Ovicide

  • Insect Growth Regulant

  • Larval Toxicant

  • Deterrent


Neemure is extremely safe to Mammals including Man, Acute Oral Toxicity (in rat) is 15,000 mg/Kg of body weight.


Neemure should be stored in cool, dry place, out of reach of children.


Potency of Neemure is uniform for one & half year.

  • Seasonal Flowers like Dahlia, Chrysenthemum, Marigold, Jiniya (In tubs of 8" to 12" or ground) – 25 grams to 40 grams

  • Annual Flowers like Tube Rose, Rose, etc (in tubs of 8" to 12")

    • 50 grams to 75 grams at time of plantation.

    • 75 grams to 100 grams to be applied after 15 / 20 days.

  • Use fertilizer 7 days prior to plantation.

  • For hard root trees like Mango, Black Current, Betel Nut, Jack Fruit, Coconut, etc

    • 250 to 300 grams at time of plantation.

    • 200 to 250 grams to be used applied after 30 / 40 days.

  • Regular Irrigation is necessary.

  • For Betel Vine use 100 grams of fertilizer per plant.

  • For vegetable plantation use 4 Kgs to 5 Kgs per Cuttah.


(Azadirachtin 0.03%,0.15%, 0.5% and 1.0% EC)

It is a new formulation from Neem Seed Kernels (Triterpenoids).

Why use Neem Cake as a Fertilizer?
  • Ideal tool to prevent agro enemies (pests/insects) by eco friendly approach.

  • Helps you to restrict indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides.

  • Likely to be your best friends for controlling pests like – Mites, Thrips, Looper, Leaf Folder, Shot & Fruit Borer, Helopeltis etc. in tea and Agriculture Crops.

  • Your latest choice for Neem Seed Based EC (Azadirachtin) as an ideal pesticide.


(0.15%, 0.5% and 1.0% W/W Min) us found effective against Jassid, Aphid, Boll Worms, Leaf Hoppers, White Fly, Flush Worm, Caterpillar and many other sucking and chewing pests in Agricultural crops like Tea, Okra, Brinjal, Coffee, Chilli, Cotton, Mango, Potato, Rice, Sugar-cane, Tomato, Cauliflower etc.



Azadirachtin Formulations Serve As An Efficient
  • Repellent

  • Antifeedent

  • Ovicide

  • Insect Growth Regulant

  • Larval Toxicant

  • Deterrent


It is preferred by Knapsack sprayer or powder spraying during early morning or late afternoon.


1500 ppm : 1Ltr./Hectare/Round

5000 ppm : 500ml/Hectare/Round

10000 ppm : 250ml/Hectare/Round

(2 – 3 consecutive sprays at an interval of 7 – 10 days keep your bushes pest free)

ADVANTAGE of Azadirachtin Formulations
  • Cost Effective

  • Economic

  • Bio degradable

  • No residue

  • No tainting

  • Higher yield compatible with other pesticides

  • Environmentally safe

  • No Special Protection Needed


(N, P,K & Essential Micro Nutrients)

Neem cake is an Organic Fertilizer for Farms, Gardens and Lawns.

Why use Neem Cake as a Fertilizer?
  • Very Cost Effective

  • Better yield than conventional Urea and Fertilizers

  • Rich source of NPK and other Micro Nutrients

  • In comparison to urea which is a nutrients collector neem cake itself contains nutrients for the plants and maintain power of soil.

Other Benefits:
  • Control Nematodes and other soil pests.

  • Improve soil organic content.

  • Can be used with other fertilizers/Urea simultaneously

  • Safe for earthworms

Uses of Neem Cake:

Though neem cake is a fertilizer it also acts as pesticide. Insect pest control. This product also control Grain moth, lessor grain moth and red flour beetle.

Neem Cake as fertilizer:

Neem Cake have adequate quantity of NPK in organic form for plant growth. Being totally botanical product it contains 100% natural NPK content and other essential micro nutrients.

Better Yield:

It gives 15-25% better yield than any other fertilizer. Conventional fertilizer lack the uniformity of nutrient release that inhibit the constant growth of fruit/crop. This is the reason why now more farmers are switching over to Neem Cake for their crops.