(Glyphosate 41%Sl)

It is a non selective systemic herbicide absorbed by actively growing foliage of weeds which is rapidly translocated throughout the plant and thereby killing the plants from roots. It controls a wide range of annual and perennial grasses and broad leaved weeds by application as pre-emergence, post emergence and pre harvest in cereals, tea & oil seeds.

It is also used as Industrial weed control and aquatic herbicide.

Mode of Action :-

It inhibits biosynthesis of essential aromatic amino acids needed for protein synthesis.

Appearance :-

Light Yellow Liquid.

Shelf Life :-

3 Years.

Recommendations :-

Can be used during pre-emergence and pre-harvest of cereals, other crops and destruction of grasslands.

Do not mix with any other herbicides or wetters. 30~600 Litres of Water - Monocot and Dicot Weeds according to weed density and height.

Also recommended by TEA Board India under PPC (Plant Protection Code).


( 2,4 D ethyl ester 20% WP )

SYNXIN acts as an effective weedicide is the powder form of 2,4 D ethyl ester.

Recommended Crops :

Wheat (Post sowing/Pre harvest) , Maize, Bajra, Sorghum, Rice, Sugarcane.

Effective against weeds like :
  • Trianthema monogyana

  • Euphorbia hitra,cyperus sp

  • Striga sp

  • Digera arvensis

  • Convolvulus arvensis

  • Echinochloa crusgalli

  • Amaranthus sp.

  • Chenopodium album

  • Fumaria pornjloca