(Osthole based)

Disrupt is a novel fungicide containing extract of Stemona, Sessilifolia, Eugenol etc as active ingredient. This compound is developed to suppress the population of fungus spreading in crops, tomatoes, tea, fruit trees, flowers, gourds, coffee etc.

Recommended for use:

The main use of this product is to control fungus at the initial stages. It control pest by role- base approach to toxicity. Avoid during strong sunshine and rain. It prevents attack from Brown Spot, Garlic Rust, Powdery Mildew, Blister Blight, Gray Mold, Anthracnose disease, Black Spot. Protective effect of Botrytis Cinerea, Downy Mildew and Leaf Spot and kills pests as follows:

  • Tomato: Botrytis Cinerea

  • Green Pepper, Hot Pepper: Fusarium Wilt

  • Melon: Downy Mildew, Botrytis Cinerea

  • Tea: Tea cake disease, Anthracnose

  • Flower: Gray Mold, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot

Recommended Dose :

1 ml in 2-3 litre water. Adjust dosage as per different stages of diseases.


(8% Cu + 50%S)

SUCO is designed to be sprayed on the plant foliage in order to control Fungal and Bacterial diseases and to meet Copper and Sulfur nutrient supplement to crops. It has been found very effective for the following aspects :

  • Sulphur and Copper Nutrition

  • Blister Blight (caused by Exobasidium Vexans)

  • Thread Blight

  • Black Rot (caused by Cortisium Invisum and Cortisium Theae)

  • Mildew and leaf spot

Continuous use of Copper Fungicide encourages the attack of pest. SUCO has proved to solve this problem to great extent.

Old Concept :

For Copper fungicides the basic copper is very slow to solubilize and the action lasts for 90 days. Which means too much copper applied every 14 days ? Well, not if only new leaves are considered on potatoes and vegetables which require regular doses.

New Concept :

The Sulfur in SUCO oxidizes on the crop leaf and solubilize the copper very quickly. There is no build up of copper on the older leaves of the plant, so growth not stunted and post application of SUCO, the bush is healthy as sulfur adds extra nutritional benefits.

Recommended Dose :

1 Litre/Hectare at 20/30 days interval depending upon intensity.