(Organic herbal extract)

Sophora Flavescens, Pterocarya Stenoptera,Oriental Plants,Melia Azedarach etc for Mites,Thrips etc.

  • Controls all the motile stages of mites

  • Acts primarily by direct contact,residual contract and vapour action,leaving no residues in Tea leaves.

  • On proper application gives longer protection beyond 2-3 weeks.

  • Shows better and longerefficacy at temoratures above 25C,whereas,many products start losing their effectives

  • Belongs to a new chemistry book which has proven to be safe in use.

  • Does not taint tea,so better quality tea.

  • Does not allow futher mite build up and is safer to beneficial mites,Silkworm bees and predators which help in the reduction of harmful mite Population.

  • Being Herbal product is environment safe with no toxicity.